Does a 3D Virtual Tour Sell Homes Faster?

We conducted a virtual tour of two homes listed on HAR using both our Realvision and Matterport technologies.

Home Comparison

Both homes are on the same cul-de-sac and both homes are in the same condition. 

Home B was listed two weeks before Home A

Home B is listed $12 less per square foot than Home A

Home B is a bigger home on a larger lot. 

Home B is in a better location. 

Home B also has higher quality photos displayed on HAR.  


Which one do you think sold first?

Home A used our Realvision Virtual Tour and was under contract in less than a week!!!

Home B decided not to use a free Matterport Virtual Tour and is still not under contract!


Two nice houses on same street priced comparably, one used Miro3D and sold in days the other is still waiting. . .


You be the judge.

Sell more homes, faster!

Win more listings!


Would you use Miro3D Virtual Tours for your best online showing?

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Listing References

(Home A) -

(Home B) -

Halloween Matterport Virtual Tour Contest!

Explore this Haunted Dollhouse captured by TrustedPhotoDC to find the creepy clues you’ll need to win a FREE* Matterport Virtual Tour from Miro3D!

Scavenge the spooky space below for hints for your chance to win a FREE* Matterport Virtual Tour by Miro3DMove frighteningly fast as the contest ends at 11:59pm CST on Thursday, November 3rd. The winner will be announced on Friday!

Things to hunt for:

  • What time is the mantel clock set to?

  • List 3 animals seen in this space.

  • How many Auger hand drills are there?

  • Roses are _______, violets are blue, this brewery is haunted, look out behind you!

Click here to submit your answers. If you answer all 4 questions correctly, you’ll be entered into the raffle to win!



*Contest ends 11/3/2016. Trip charges may apply.

Home Builders Use Miro3D Virtual Tours to Provide a 24/7 Open House for Out-of-Town Buyers

If you are a homebuilder in Houston, how do you market (effectively) to out-of-town buyers to get more sales for the most money – sooner?

While photos are a great start, Miro3D Virtual Tours provide out-of-town buyers with an online walk-through – almost like they are visiting the house in person.

Benefits of Using Miro3D Virtual Tours

  • 24/7 Open House from Anywhere – to reach out-of-town buyers
  • Home Shows – enable potential buyers to 'walk through' a home online
  • Awards – include with entry to help win awards from associations of builders
  • Portfolio – after a home sells, the builder can still show the house to potential clients

Miro3D Virtual Tours help home builders:

  • get more offers
  • get offers for more money
  • help reduce weeks-on-market

Today, it seems like everyone begins their dream home search online. Miro3D Virtual Tours are a great way to engage home buyers.

Bonus Uses for Home Builders

  • Help Get construction loans
  • Market to out of town investment property buyers
  • Show out-of-town investors building progress: particularly before the drywall (to show utilities)

To book a Miro3D Virtual Tour shoot, please call us at 832.210.0738 or email us at

Save time by allowing us to post your virtual tours on your behalf!

Miro3D can now post your virtual tours and photos* on your behalf to ensure that they are seen by as many potential buyers as possible.

In doing so, we can verify that the links are shared correctly to avoid any issues and errors that may occur. We can also go through and verify all previous links on any properties you currently have listed that utilize Miro3D virtual tours.

The HAR app now supports virtual tours, which can be viewed without leaving the app. We want to make sure all of your links are correct to ensure that the tours can be viewed by anyone using the app.

By allowing us to share your virtual tour and photos on your behalf, you'll be able to spend more time focusing on your clients and less time working with the media for your listings!

*Please note that we will still deliver up to 50 photos per each property. Should you elect to have us post photos on your behalf, we will select the 32 best from our point of view. If necessary, please specify priority photos for larger properties with too many features to highlight via photos on HAR.

Listings with professional photos sell for more!

Believe it or not, the quality of your photos not only impacts your end sales price, it also influences the number of people who look at your home.  According to RedFin more than 92% of home buyers search for properties online making digital photos a critical factor in their decision making process. 

With the improved quality of digital photography, just about anybody with an iPhone may call themselves a photographer.  Unfortunately, agents who use their iPhones are doing themselves and their sellers a disservice!  The data shows that homes listed with images taken with a DSLR camera sell for $3,400-$11,200 more relative to the listing price with the largest gains in the $400,000-$500,000 range.

The example photos show the difference between amateur and professional photos.  Both of the homes are were for sale on the same street.  Which home would you like to go see?  Which agent are you?

On high end, luxury homes of a million dollars plus, DSLR photography helps these homes sell faster than they otherwise would by 5%.  In the $400,000 - $500,000 range the increase in likelihood that a home sells quicker is over 17%.  This all makes a lot of sense.  The better the photography and online digital presentation, the more people there are who will look favorably on the home.  All of this translates to homes selling faster because the buyer knows what they are getting before they ever set foot into the property.  How much faster?  Up to three weeks faster!

If you can sell your listing faster and for more money by allowing the buyer to experience the house online with high quality digital photography, how much quicker and for how much more would you sell that same house using Miro3D’s interactive virtual tour and floor plan?


Don’t be that agent!  If you want to sell more homes faster and for more money, you can start by paying for a professional photographer, or better yet, immerse your online buyers in the home with a 24-7 open house virtual tour!  Let them experience it online.



HAR mobile app now supports Miro3D virtual tours!

All along, Miro3D virtual tours have been supported by HAR on the web when viewed on a PC or MAC.  However, the majority of buyers use the HAR mobile app when they are out and about looking for homes and HAR did not have support for that latest 3D virtual tours (listing machines).  As a result, the full value of Miro3D’s virtual tours for real estate marketing was not realized.  

This all changed last week as HAR just added support for Miro3D virtual tours within the HAR app for both iPhone and Android.  We are super happy to get HAR’s full support as they continue to be a technology leader adding value to buyers, sellers, agents, and vendors such as us.

Thanks HAR!

Review our publishing instructions to see just how simple sharing your completed virtual tours really is.

Don’t Lose Buyers Due to Hectic Schedules

How many buyers have you lost because they never set up an appointment to see your listing? Today we are all busier than ever before.  Studies show that Houstonians are working more and sleeping less while connected and engaged to and with all kinds of things.  Shopping for a new home takes a lot of time.  From financing to searching online to finding homes and booking a showing or attending open houses.  How many times do you think that potential buyers don't schedule that to come see your listing because they didn't have the time?

What if these buyers could see your listing without leaving their sofa? What if they could digitally walk inside, outside and look around as if they were actually there? What if they could do a digital showing? That is exactly the solution that we provide. Our Digital Showing technology allows busy buyers to see your listings at anytime, from anywhere. Our technology is so exciting that we frequently hear from our clients about disruptively short marketing times, first showing offers, multiple offers, etc. This is possible because our content helps people not just see the home but make decisions.

We also know that your time is precious as well, which is why we offer a complete solution. Our packages include rich, professionally edited photography, floor plans and the industry leading digital showing virtual tour. We make your marketing easy with our all in one packages with a very simple process to get you the highest quality and most effective digital marketing materials in real estate.

Why? Because they work to sell your listings faster and maximize the return for you seller, leaving you with happy clients and more referrals!

Take your marketing into the next dimension and leave the tape measure and camera at home. We handle all the measurements and photos and provide you with the most effective marketing tools available today. One appointment, one order and one incredible package. Book a Miro3D Package for your listings!

Buyers See Themselves In Home

When you go shopping for clothes, you always try them on before you buy. As a potential buyer, you want to SEE yourself in the clothes, how they feel and how they fit.  You may even try them on a couple different times before you make your final purchasing decision.
Buying a home is no different, at least not for Miro3D's customers. Potential home buyers can see themselves in a home before they even step inside! They can revisit the home, explore its floor plan to make sure it fits just right, and after they walk it in person, they can revisit and try it on as many times as they like, from anywhere in the world.

Traditional photography is definitely important to marketing your listings, but by adding the 3D virtual tour to your real estate listing, you'll be positioned to win bigger listings and win more of them! 

Ken Jones of Jones Home Group has become a loyal client of Miro3D and is leading the way in regards to real estate marketing. Take a look at his brief testimonial to hear why he uses Miro3D virtual tours for his real estate listings.
Miro3D provides two different technologies: Realvision for indoor/outdoor tours and Matterport for indoor only tours.
Take a look at some of our examples!

You won’t believe what we found in this house!

An investor came to us and asked that we shoot his property and build a tour for him. Sure, no problem, small house, should be very quick and easy. To our surprise, the tour was not quick, it wasn't easy, and it didn't even stitch together property. Instead, what we found was disgusting and shocking...but ultimately it was sad.

Take a look at the tour and click on the photo highlights at the bottom of the tour to view what was found in different rooms!

As it turns out, the owner lived in the house for many many years. He was a Vietnam vet and fighter pilot. Later he became a police officer and ended his career as a constable. He built amazing models that you can see in his front bedroom. On the floor of this house was years and years of trash up to three feet deep in the back bedroom. The front door wouldn't even open the whole way as there was hundreds of newspapers and pieces of mail. By the time we shot the tour, the house had already been torn apart further as scavengers looked through the trash for valuables. The only areas without trash were the front bedroom where this man slept and around the chairs in the sitting room. Roaches had eaten and defecated on absolutely everything destroying all the furniture, most of the clothing, paper in drawers and almost everything else. Under the trash in the hallway the investor found the skeletons of two cats which had been eaten by bugs years before. One bedroom had a leak from the roof that once the trash was removed had rotted out all the hardwood and there was nothing left of it.

Why is it that some people can serve their whole life as a hero but when they truly need help, nobody is there to help them? Do you know someone who might need you today?

Show Off Features with Miro3D HotSpots

HotSpots let you provide information about features in your listings by anchoring text descriptions to specific physical locations.

This turns your listings into powerful tools for communicating with property buyers, prospective lessees, or global audiences.

Miro3D provides two different technologies: Realvision for indoor/outdoor tours and Matterport for indoor only tours.
Take a look at some of our examples!

Low-Profile Design

Be informative, without interrupting the navigation experience.

Easy to Implement

HotSpots can be added anywhere on a property.

Enhanced Engagement

Drive deeper, longer engagement and boost return visits.